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7 Ways I Failed Forward in 2014

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With Christmas behind me, I’ve been looking forward to the not-so fun reflection of my 2014 New Year resolutions. You know, those pesky lists we make every year hoping that we can pull ourselves out of a rut and make BIG changes.

So then. It’s time to come clean! Confession time. Reflection. Accountability. Inspiration. Motivation. Call it what you want. There are several 2014 New Year’s resolutions, that, if being graded, I’d receive a less-than-stellar mark. That’s putting it nicely. Here is my list from the calendar year 2014:

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I’ve heard of ambitious New Year’s resolutions, but looking back, this list really takes the cake. While any list is made to be marked up (as you can see I did) one thing remains: I failed in many ways, and a cardinal rule of TransformU? Always admit mistakes. They will motivate growth. So here we go.

Here are 7 ways that I failed in 2014:

  1. Regular writing on this blog. My daughter, Christi Tasker, gifted me with designing and developing this awesome new blog site. She even designed beautiful business cards and created the TransformUgroup.com domain/URL. I’d given out many of the cards with an email that wasn’t linked to anything! My apologies to you if you tried to connect with me in the past and I finally answered you months later. Or if you visited my blog that I had failed to write any content for.
  2. My own weight loss goals. Sugar is addictive and I admit that I’m weak when it comes to passing over dessert. Just like any addict, it’s hard to have just a little. Social eating is a problem for me, and, I come from a family of great southern cooks who are food pushers. Doesn’t take much when you like to eat like I do!
  3. Thinking positively about myself and others. Speaking encouraging, positive words 100% of the time – both to myself and others. It all begins with positive, uplifting thinking and goes from there.The Bible states in Proverbs 23:7:

“For as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.”

  1. Expressing gratitude. Keeping a gratitude journal. The most successful people I know, such as Susan Sly  write down at least five things they’re grateful for every day.
  2. Following up. It’s been said that the fortune is in the follow up. In the past I’ve stopped after following up with people after two to three contacts. I know it takes, on the average, of six times of communication for people to make an informed decision. Thank you, Les Brown, for this valuable advice. Quitting is NOT an option!
  3. Learn how to use Craig’s List and E-Bay. My granddaughter, Macy, has been my agent until now. In general, I need to become more consistent in my technology interactions, it is the way to the future, isn’t it?

Manage debt and update accounting. My goal is to invest in tax expert, Sandy Botkin’s Taxbot to help with this.

Before reading New York Times best-selling author, John Maxwell’s book “Failing Forward”, I tended to look at failure as akin to wearing the Scarlet Letter and something of which to be ashamed. Now I look at failing as turning mistakes into stepping stones to success. Over the years, I’ve come to realize that you can experience failure and still come out on top – if you take to heart the core message of Maxwell’s book, “The difference between average people and achieving people is their perception of and response to failure.”

One way that I plan to make myself accountable is through this blog. I’m committing to being consistent, concise, and conscience for you, my reader.  Hang on tight and stick with me because this is going to be a journey. It will be my real life experiences and what I’ve learned along the way. I’ll be sharing my own challenges, mishaps and victories, along with my inspirations, knowledge and yes…even a few failures along the way to stay humble. Hopefully, we won’t both have to experience the same exact failures. Maybe, just maybe you’ll comment where I can learn something from you, and you from me.

Thank you for being my friend, business partners, or whoever and wherever you might be in this very small world. Now, on to my list of 2015 New Year’s Resolutions that I WILL STICK WITH – especially now that you’re watching me. {Wink.} Be sure to subscribe to my feed for the list coming soon.

Failing forward? It means failing in the right direction. Forward. Cheers to the New Year and new beginnings!


It’s your turn for confessions. How have you failed or excelled in resolutions and where will you grow in 2015? I’m eager to hear all your thoughts!

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  • Rosie

    I like the thought of failing FORWARD! Never thought of it like that!Looking forward (see I’m going in the right direction ALREADY!!) to more transparent posts.

    God bless and Happy New Year!

  • Great post…Thank you for inspiring me! Happy New Year!

    • Pamela

      Thanks for connecting here, Kim! Happy New Year!

  • A Life without goals is just treading water.
    I rarely achieve any of my goals though I am always aiming high.

    Love the blog. Thanks For Sharing.

    • Pamela

      You’re so right! Thanks for connecting here, Damon! Happy New Year!

  • Mona Alfrey

    I failed to even make resolutions last year or if I did I did not write them down so who knows what they were!! I had just had some remodeling done and all windows changed out plus new siding added over the old. I was in the middle of painting the entire house inside from floor to and including the popcorn curling! Pretty much that is complete except for the kitchen so I did pretty well. I have worked harder to make my business go by trying to always meet new people but have not been good at getting contact info. That plays in to my bad habit for follow up! Once or twice that is it! Shame on me!! Accounting of contacts is even worse which makes using it for taxes impossible. Wake up Mona and treat your business as you really love it and want the best for it!! Now act like it!!

    • Pamela

      If there’s one thing I learned from my millionaire mentor, it’s to write everything down! On paper! I’ll be sharing several of my New Year’s resolutions on our team call this evening! One of the first is to, like Eric Worre says, “get it out of your head and on paper!”
      Thanks for connecting here, Mona. I appreciate your comments!

  • Susan Riedel

    Pam, you never cease to amaze me. One thing I’m grateful for is YOU! You picked me up, you share your knowledge and enthusiasm. You share share share and for this I’m eternally grateful. I watch you, follow you, learn from you, but I’ve never thought of you failing at anything. Maybe because I aspire to be more like you. But your fails are based on the goals you have set for yourself, no one else. By being so transparent here, you lifted me even higher. Sometimes it is depressing as you watch others succeed when you are not. Even though I know the power is within me. I still have fears. Fears to overcome this yr, this month, this minute. Knowing you, successful in my eyes, have struggled with your own goals, makes me realize we all really are the same. We are just in different places. This is so inspiring. I get so overwhelmed at times I don’t know which foot to put forward. At those times I stumble around not knowing what to do or where to go. I realized in my own reflection, that I must write everything down. I’ve been stumbling around with it in my head and not making the progress I want. Thank you for sharing your 2014 goals. As an example to document everything! I started with my vision board, which I hope to complete today. I also realize I can’t wing it. I need to block off time for everything I do including relaxing. This is a new year and new reflection of what went wrong and how I can change it and move forward. I get mushy at times and weepy with emotion and gratitude. I want you to know, publicly, how much you mean to me and to so many others who look up to your leadership. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are a success! Everything about you. I applaud you and I’m grateful to be a part of your enthusiasm. Thank you, thank you, thank you. This is so meaningful to me. I truly love you, Pam!

  • Pamela

    Susan, Susan!! You bless me with your comments! Knowing that I’m someone you look up to aspires me to do better, yet, be more accountable, authentic and transparent. I know for sure that when my mentors share failures or struggles, it doesn’t make me think less of them – but more! We all struggle and make mistakes. Thank God we’re able to get up one more time, brush off ourselves off and continue living and being an inspiration. Thank you for connecting on TransformU. 2015 will be YOUR year to shine!

  • Pamela, you continue to inspire me and confirm for me I’m on the right path. I saw your post and had to share thoughts that I recently posted on my site. Great minds think alike; in my mind failure isn’t a death sentence for dreams, yet a spring board for greatness to occur. Please see below:

    Failure…curious word isn’t it? In my world of weightlifting, I often exhaust the muscles to the point of failure. What follows such a workout determines muscle performance…build, sculpt, form. The choice to eat clean, hydrate, and rest set the stage in which muscles shape, strengthen, and desired change occurs. Such as life, failure isn’t a state of being only to be repeated while the enthusiasm for taking the risk withers. Yet, its a path from which lessons, experiences, preparedness, and readiness beautifully collide creating the ‘Ah Ha’ moment…when desired change occurs….magic happens!!! #magichappens #beinlovewithyourgoals #ahha #goaheadcollide #youarenonnegotiable #itsalegacy #whatsyourwhy #itsmywhy ~Nickie Summers

  • Pamela

    Talk about being INSPIRED by some one, Nickie! There are MANY who are inspired and encouraged by you! Your story of struggle to get to where you are now is inspiration personified!
    And, yes…..you do instruct those who train under you to go to “failure”. I’m remembering that now!
    Thank you for your comments. I look forward to your knowledge and expertise as you share with our readers!

  • Donna Waters

    Pamela I have gotten you grow with you and to know you a little better each day as I reached my first goal of my life ever! Reaching my goal for the 100poundclub would have been virtually impossible without your encouragement and willingness to go a step above and beyond. When I found this product thru a great friend of mine Lynn K Townley, I thank you Lynn for inspiring me to try the products and to begin this lifestyle! Lynn, Pamela you both will always have a spot in my heart of how much I have to be thankful for and that now to have a better life than I would have ever had without you both!

  • Susan Riedel

    This post helps put things in perspective. Thanks for sharing.