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How To Get Healthy After Surgery: Lori’s Story

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This is a story about Lori. She’s taught me many things, but this particular story has forever changed how I see health issues.

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Several years ago, while on a business trip to Texas, I was invited to the Gaylord Texan Presidential Suite to meet leaders in the mobile marketing industry, in which I was working. That was the day a fellow business associate introduced me to Lori Gavin – who has since become a great friend, spiritual sister, and my business partner. That was also a day that I’ll never forget. One that proves that you can’t judge other’s health by how they look.

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Lori looked like an all-star athlete, as you can see from this picture of us, taken that day. She was trim, beautiful, and bubbly. Little did I know about the challenges Lori had faced, and was still facing, concerning her health. Doing simple tasks such as walking was impossible some days.

Several months after our meeting, I discovered a program that helped me lose weight and regain energy. I didn’t think anything about sharing the program with Lori because she didn’t have weight to lose or had any misplaced energy (so I thought). Little did I know the health miracles we would begin to manifest by those who were using my program. When Lori shared some major health challenges with me over the phone, I told her about those health restorations. Here’s the story in her own words:

“What I’m about to share is VERY personal – it’s my journey of how I got my life back!

In 2011, I found myself in a place where I NEVER imagined I would be – the youngest patient in the nursing home!! I’d gone through a partial knee replacement in my right knee. I was told by my Dr. that I would be feeling pretty good at about 6 weeks. Well, a year and a half later I was still struggling with swelling and excessive heat coming from my knee. Needless to say, I didn’t fulfill my doctor’s prediction! I was a MESS!

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I went to see my holistic Doctor, my Chiropractor, a physical therapist, and various medical doctors – only to receive cortisone injections along with pain creams, healing clay treatments, and even a structural integrationist – all in an effort to relieve the never ending pain. I was MISERABLE, and grasping for anything or ANY one that could help me! I was DESPERATE!

In 2013, I decided I could not live like this any longer so I talked with a orthopedic surgeon and he agreed the only thing left to do would be to give me a full knee replacement.  So, on Feb 5th of 2013, I received a new knee. I thought “FINALLY!! I can feel good again! “, and I was feeling pretty chipper UNTIL I got an unexpected present on my birthday, March 26th!! I woke up that morning and my tendon broke on the same knee! I was in PAIN and VERY disillusioned! This was my low point – or so I thought!

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Three days later, on March 29th, I had surgery to repair the tendon.

While I was in surgery my ex-husband passed away.  I am a single mother of 3 boys ages 16, 18, and 22.  This was quite a blow for all our entire family since he was just diagnosed with cancer that past November! Our family was in crisis! It was a sad and confusing time for all of us. Because of my many physical limitations, it was also a time of hopelessness for me. My boys needed me and I felt like I couldn’t be there for them.

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While I was laid up, fully depending on my brother, Carl, to take care of my EVERY need, I had PLENTY of time to watch many Netflix videos on the state of our nutrition in this country. I decided then and there if I was going to get back on my feet, I needed to buy a Vitamix and start eating as healthy as I can. I felt like I’d been doing a pretty good job of this, but realized that drastic healing means drastic nutrition!  After doing organic smoothies, drinking herbal teas, going for acupuncture treatments, and taking many different vitamins, I was still lacking energy and did not feel like my normal, fit self.

Two years prior, my friend Pamela, told me about a superfood nutrition program that had made a drastic difference in her health – AND many of her friends and family with whom she’d shared the simple system.At that time I told her that I knew exactly what I was doing, and chose to continue doing what I’d been doing – hoping every day that I’d feel better and get my energy back.

The definition of insanity, I’ve heard, is to keep doing the same thing over and over, and expect different results. That’s where I found myself in January of 2014. After exhausting all other methods of trying to feel better, I contacted Pamela and shared with her that I was ready to give her program a try!  I will always be grateful for Pamela not giving up on me! I can tell you, in all honesty, this system has transformed my life. I am able to walk again, ride my bike longer than I have in a VERY long time – especially since before the knee replacement. I am able to do yoga – which I could never do before.  And I have more energy than my teenage boys! 🙂

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 I share my story in hopes that, by the grace of God, someone will read this and see themselves where I was. What I want to be is an inspiration to those who have lost hope. NEVER give up! Keep searching because there is ALWAYS a way!  I thank the Lord for John Anderson – who started this company to help people supply their body with the best nutrition in the world! And, I give thanks for Jim and Kathy Coover, who are committed to sharing this “gift of health” with people around the WORLD! I’m living the ABUNDANT LIFE – and hope you will join me!”




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  • Donna Waters

    What an amazing story! I am so glad to have began my journey on the exact same life style changing products too!

    • Pamela

      It’s a gift, for sure, Donna! Yours and Lori’s life has been forever changed!

  • Brigett

    This is a very inspiring story that mirrors my own story. thank you for sharing!

  • Susan Riedel

    What a heartfelt and wonderful story! Very inspiring. Thank you do much for sharing.

  • God Made a miracle in the life of lory, Now we are touched by the beauty of his spirit and the kindliness of his heart. We love you Lory.
    Best Sonia>

  • Susan Riedel

    What an amazing story. It makes so much sense to use great nutrition so your body can heal itself. Very inspiring. Lori looks amazing and happy.

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    • christi@puttinout.com

      Thank you, Dollie
      Will you send me a sample of what you write? As long as it pertains to health & wellness, it could be a fit.